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In 1999, the Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville undertook a long-lasting project that will help future generations of Kiwanians and the Fayetteville Community. The club began their own local endowment fund. With the help of the Cumberland Community Foundation, the Board of Directors pushed to begin building a local fund that would grow as a result of the hard work and generosity of Fayetteville Kiwanians.

The goal is simple, to create a an endowment fund at the community foundation which gives our members and friends a tax deductible way to  supplement the $100,000.00 a year that the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club raises and gives back to the community.”
The name of the fund is the “Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville Endowment Fund“.

Why our own endowment fund? What better way to insure that the club and its efforts continue well past the time we each leave the club? If you are a member of the club, then you know what great things we do for the young boys and girls of our community. If you are an active member, you give of your time, your talents, and your treasures to further the growth of these great young people. Key Club,  and Builders Club members; Talent Show participants, Dixie Youth Baseball players, Reading is Fun students and all of the Terrific Kids ….the list goes on and on, year after year, The Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville serves  children.

Wouldn¹t it be great to keep on serving, even after you¹ve thrown your last roll or napkin?  How can you help?  There are so many ways from an outright donation (tax deductible of course), to remembering the Fayetteville Kiwanis Club in your will.  Better than that, why not speak to one of the club¹s ace insurance agents. Tell them you want to set up a plan where when you buy the farm (so to speak), a policy with the club as beneficiary would pay a whopping amount to the Fund. Doing that has great tax benefits while you¹re here, and incredible effects when you go.

But what will happen is that our own local Kiwanis Endowment Fund will grow to become one the greatest forces for good in the community. It¹s all up to you. If you¹re reading this and aren¹t a member of the club, that¹s ok. Tax deductible donations are accepted from anyone who believes in the good work of our club, and who has a few extra dollars to donate. Just click on the link above to find out just how easy it is to give to one of the greatest programs of the greatest civic club in Fayetteville, North Carolina….the Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville Endowment Fund.

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Club News

Gary Cooper presents a bicycle to a scholastic achievement award winner at the end of the 2017 school year.

winebarger_king_check_autismsociety-smThe Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville, NC donated $1,000 to the Autism Society of North Carolina.  This check was presented Dec. 2 to Steve King, South Regional Director based in Fayetteville. This group mails our newsletter to any members that don’t use email.

winebarger_ellis_check_falconchildrenhome-smThe Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville, NC donated $2,000 from the Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville Endowment at the Cumberland Community Foundation.  The check was presented at our Dec. 2, 2016 meeting to Michelle Ellis, a volunteer that coordinates Christmas gifts and a Christmas party for the children at Falcon Children’s Home.

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